Spring is finally here!


The weather is finally turning a little nicer. Our pups are excited to soak up the sun and get in some play time! Come see what we are all about by calling 207-332-4565 to set up a meet and greet šŸ™‚


Time for family!

This holiday season will be an exciting one in our family! We are expecting our second grandson on December 9th and I have the extreme pleasure of traveling to Steinenbronn, Germany for an entire month to help with our newest treasure!!

Here is a picture of my daughter, Heather and her family.

Hopkins Family

Hopkins Family

Our doors will be closing Thursday, November 21st at the end of the day and will be re-opening them Monday, December 30th. We will also be closed New Year’s Day but will be doing business as usual for the rest of the week. We will be boarding the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Thank you for understanding as I take some time to help out.

Fall is here

Today we had a full house at Dog Bone Central and this weekend promises to be even busier. Our pups have plenty of energy, especially the little ones, but we have plenty of play space to romp and explore. After a very busy morning of chasing each other and exploring the woods foraging for chipmunks, this is how we found them this afternoon! We guarantee they are dog bone tired when you get them back!! šŸ˜€


Chili and Pumpkin

Chili and Pumpkin

Two years ago, Chili was diagnosed with cancer. His family was told that he had about six months. Fate intervened and I met Chili and Pumpkin in the spring. I was taken by the way Pumpkin always wrapped around him, providing comfort and support and a soft place to lay. Chili was very thin with a tiny face and huge feet. My husband nicknamed him Train Wreck! That came in handy last weekend when I had the opportunity to have them for the weekend and there were three Chilis under our roof! I am so happy I had the chance to snuggle him one more time before he passed on.

There are times in your life when a rare love graces your life. I was honored to be able to share in this amazing love whenever Chili was around. My time with him was too brief but my heart will hold his memory for a lifetime. Thank you Lisa for trusting me with your precious boy. I will remember him fondly and continue to love his sister and snuggle and protect her while I have her. My prayers will continue to surround you and I will hold you in my heart as you grieve for the loss of your beautiful boy.

We are legal!

Yesterday, after much research, I finished applying for my LLC for our facility. Such a weight off my shoulders. So, I figured today would be a quiet day andĀ IĀ couldĀ breathe a little easier, Ā but think again! While I wasĀ at the post office, I got aĀ phone call telling me the State of Maine was sitting on my doorstep for a surprise inspection! Talk about heart failure!! But the girl was so nice and I passed with flying colors.Ā That surprise tripĀ saved me days of unnecessary work I would have tormented myself with. Can you say perfectionist??Ā  I am happy to say we are now licensed by the State of Maine. IĀ hope my followers will know that I am ready to go to the mat for their furry family!

Here we go again!

As much as I hate to think it, tick season has begun! Yesterday, after much romping in the woods, I saw one of those ugly critters waltzing across the back of Faelan, our vizsla mix. They don’t really creep me out too much, but I would rather they stay outside or in another country. So, what to do about these sneaky creatures that inundate themselves onto your pets and into your home? I use K-9 Advantix because this is the only preparation that I have found that repels the ticks (for the most part) before they burrow into the skin. Now that I am dog sitting, I recommend that all dogs that are hanging out here are treated with something to prevent them from acquiring lyme disease. I have heard through different vets that it is not a matter of if the dogs will get lyme, but when. This is very disheartening. I will say that it is very treatable. I have had a couple of dogs and my husband get it and the doxycycline makes them symptoms disappear in about 48 hours.

So, as I was researching how I could protect my yard from infestation, I came across some pretty good suggestions that I would like to share.

  • keep your lawn short and free of leaves and debris that they could hide in
  • keep plants that are a foot or more to a minimum as ticks like to jump off these onto people or animals
  • for a natural flea and tick deterrent, use diatomaceous earth. This is a powder made from fossilized phytoplankton. It works by puncturing the exoskeleton of the bug and dehydrating them. It is safe for pets and humans and can be sprinkled onto the lawn
  • if you have a sand box, a great way to get rid of fleas and ticks is to put a black tarp over it during the heat of the day
  • always check your clothing after you have been out in the woods to ensure you are not bringing ticks into your house
  • brush dogs and cats and give them a thorough going over before they come in
  • Tick tubes are the newest yard protection. They are tubes that contain cotton balls saturated with permethrin. This is generally harmless to humans and animals and works when mice and rodents take the cotton to their nests and it kills the fleas and ticks. Please be sure to check with your vet regarding the use of permethrin. I would always rather be safe than sorry.

I hope this has helped, but if you still get the occasional tick you can either grasp it with your fingers or tweezers to pull it out or coat it in a glob of vaseline. The tick should back right out. Once you have removed them, you can drop them into a container of alcohol to kill them.

A special kind of Courage

Today should have been a special day, one filled with a lazy romp outdoors to smell everything spring. Ā One with belly rubs that left you hankering for just one more. A day where everyone seemed a little happier and the frosty paws were there waiting when dinner was over.

Old Man Courage

Old Man Courage

Today should have been Courage’s birthday. This old man was not mine but he held a very special place in my heart. I was blessed with the care if him and his brother, Guinness, multiple times last year. The last time was especially bittersweet as I knew he was fading fast. I received the news before Christmas that he had passed. I cried for days knowing I would not see his sweet face again, yet knowing our old man was happily romping with all the others that had gone on before.

This weekend I had the pleasure of having Guinness again and we had a wonderful weekend, and every once and again I could almost see Courage wandering through the woods with not a care in the world. So today,Ā I would like to send lots of love to heaven with special wishes for a very happy birthday from all my crew!

Love and miss you old man.